If knocked down,

I will get back up,

every time.

I am never out of the fight.



Cancer is a difficult disease for anyone to overcome. It can be crippling, challenging
the toughest of individuals, and bringing
feelings of fear, uncertainty and vulnerability.
Treatments, including chemotherapy, debilitate
the body and try the strongest of minds. In the
United States, almost 13,000 children under the
age of 21 are diagnosed with cancer every year.
Young children diagnosed with cancer face an
additional challenge – they do not yet have
the life experience necessary to help them
understand, face and overcome the mental and physical challenges that come with the disease.
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Achieving individual growth through conquering adversity.


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The One Summit program is free of charge for families of the children participating. If you would like more information on our program: how we match up mentors to children, the training our mentors receive, or the procedures in place that ensure safety for children of all abilities, please e-mail Adam LaReau at: If you would like to donate to our program and help children reach their goal of conquering cancer, visit us online at

The One Summit mission is to help children with cancer build courage and self-confidence, which promotes a foundation for resilience as they battle their disease. One Summit teams children with a U.S. Navy SEAL mentor for a day of indoor rock climbing activities. Through this exciting, challenging, and safe adventure, mentors and children will work together closely, and grow and learn from each other. Specific lessons include setting goals, working as a team, achieving growth through adversity, and demonstrating an act of courage. This event and the sustained relationships that are formed, will give the children the strength and support they can rely upon as they undergo one of life’s greatest challenges – battling cancer.