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A Prism of Perspectives | Climb for Courage NYC 2019

By Greg Doyle, One Summit, Manager of Communications & Development

By Greg Doyle, One Summit, Manager of Communications & Development

Little Warriors. Mentors. Families. Team Leaders. Board Members. Gym Staff. Child Life Specialists. Local Officials. Partners. And more. Each Climb for Courage engages a wide variety of individuals, with – at times – over 100 people on-site.

Just as diverse as those who are in attendance are the unique motivations behind each individual’s involvement. Some are obvious, like a parent’s desire for her daughter to “learn that everyone has an obstacle to overcome, not just her” and another family’s hope that the program will “bring them together and show them they can conquer anything with strength, courage, love and teamwork.” Others are entirely undetected upon first glance and only rise to the surface as the weekend unfolds.

Our 2019 Climb for Courage, NYC program held October 11-13th was no different; demonstrating the full spectrum of “WHYs” that encompass the One Summit community. It also exemplified the healing that can occur by uniting those very “WHYs.”

The 30 pediatric cancer patients and siblings and 25 Navy SEALs that participated descended on Central Rock Manhattan with a common mission: to build resilience by relying on each other’s courage and strength. Through our experiential learning curriculum and ongoing mentorship, our hope is that their individual perspective about what is possible in the face of challenges, adversity and trauma is reframed. The stories and testimonials of growth we hear from our like-minded warriors are our inspiration.

But the like-minded warriors that participate in each program aren’t the only ones who experience growth. Climb for Courage, NYC 2019 reinforced this very fact. One Summit isn’t just for pediatric cancer families and Navy SEALs. It’s impacts all, whether that is the Team Leaders who help facilitate our curriculum, the Child Life Specialists who identify families for the program, supporters like Central Rock Manhattan, Black Diamond Equipment, The North Face and the New York Police Department who provide the necessary resources to execute each event, donors that provide financial support, or other volunteers and spectators connected to our mission.

Why are THEY involved? Let us share their feedback.


“I was forever changed by my experience volunteering in at Climb for Courage. I was amazed by the excitement and resilience of the children that participated. I was reminded of how grateful I am for my life and health and that things can change in an instant.”

– Team Leader

"As someone who grew up in a poor inner-city neighborhood, I know firsthand how much some well-timed charity can improve someone’s day, month, year, or entire outlook on life. As a new father, I now know firsthand the desire a parent has to provide everything they can for their child. When provided an opportunity to accomplish both these things, how could I not be involved? This event hit really close to home for me."

– Allan Andranikian, Central Rock Manhattan

"Most of us don’t spend enough time looking outside of our community. It gives perspective and fulfillment to help such a vulnerable community."

– Mentor

“I am involved because I believe that Climb for Courage is a spirit building experience that helps participants experience posttraumatic growth after a devastating diagnosis or difficult treatment protocol. I have seen children feel physically and emotionally recharged after their accomplishments climbing the wall with their Navy SEAL Mentor. In addition, the program helps siblings reconnect with their brother/sister who is undergoing treatment in a very beautiful bonding experience. I am honored each year to have the opportunity to refer participants and then watch their joy and sense of accomplishment throughout the day.

– Ingrid McFarlane, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

“My child’s most-memorable moment was that she was able to climb all the way to the top of the tallest wall. She was so happy to have achieved the climb and was more confident immediately afterward.”

– Parent

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Photo Credit: Megan Mack

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