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Like-Minded Warriors Find Resilience on the Rock Wall — [Bittersweet Monthly Feature]

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One Summit was nominated and selected as the July 2019 feature on Bittersweet Monthly, a documentary-style storytelling platform and 501(c)3 Foundation that highlights organizations doing inspiring and much needed work in response to the critical social issues of our day. We're excited to share this story as our July Profile in Resilience. Here's a sneak peek:

Luke’s breath becomes shorter, heavier. His foot tests the next hold, tentatively, and then drops back. Fingers feel like slipping. “I’m ready to come down,” he says.

“It’s okay, take a minute,” coaches Jim. His voice is calm, encouraging. “Take a breath. Think about your next move. Where can you put your hand next? And what about after that? Focus on that. It’s all about your mind. Okay, breathe. You ready? Okay, make your next move. One at a time.”

Luke pushes on. His fingers find the next hold, and then the next one, ascending much higher than where he originally contemplated giving up. It’s a dance. Encouraging, coaching, pushing one moment, listening and letting Luke know his limits the next. A balance between, “One more move, you’ve got this!” and “Okay, buddy, let’s come down. You did great.” Jim’s eyes are locked on Luke, reading his body language, watching the cues, knowing when to gently push and when to simply cheer. Luke looks down at Jim with a proud and excited smile.

This is not Luke’s first climb, and at first glance, you’d never know the boy perched confidently on the wall has battled cancer.

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All photo (including header) by Hailey Sadler.
Editor: Amanda Lahr | Photographer: Hailey Sadler | Writer: Trent Franklin

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