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Help and Hope Happen Here Podcast Hosted by Mark Levine

By Maxwell Svec, One Summit, Director of Programs

By Maxwell Svec, One Summit, Director of Programs

Last month, One Summit Founder Adam La Reau and Executive Director Dianne Lynch, were featured on the Help and Hope Happen Here podcast hosted by Mark Levine. Mark’s podcast explores the world of pediatric cancer through interviews with a wide variety of people who have both a passion and a stake in finding ways to make the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their families easier.

With over 200 available episodes and hundreds of hours of conversations to listen to, we thought this was a terrific Resource in Resilience to feature for the month of October. Mark has interviewed an impressive amount of people from across the country, all who share stories and perspectives from along the road of pediatric cancer treatment. Other guests of Help and Hope Happen Here include child life specialists, social workers, therapists, doctors, founders and directors of nonprofit organizations and foundations, advocates, and activists. Featured prominently as well are parents and family members of childhood cancer patients, patients themselves, and survivors of a wide array of pediatric cancer diagnoses.

Check out Adam and Dianne’s episode, where together they share the history of One Summit and the exciting future ahead for the warriors that we serve! Then explore Mark’s countless other episodes, as he offers help and spreads hope to those affected by pediatric cancer.

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