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Wellness, It’s All About You

By Maria Papandreou, One Summit, Senior Manager of Development & Communications

By Maria Papandreou, One Summit, Senior Manager of Development & Communications

Wellness, a term used frequently and even more so during the past year, is imperative to us all; but especially to little warriors battling cancer and their families. It’s a broad term that encompasses many dimensions, including emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, social, occupational, physical, and spiritual well-being. The concept of wellness poses the question, “Do we need harmony in all dimensions to thrive?” After doing a lot of research and introspection, the conclusion reached is that although one must give all dimensions attention, there is no balance between them. Instead, it’s crucial to find a personal harmony with the essential dimensions for you.

There are millions of wellness-related blogs and books available online. You can spend days reading, learning, and implementing strategies that nurture your well-being. O2X, a company co-created by One Summit’s founder Adam La Reau, has a wealth of information applicable to your daily routine. Below are a few select resources that can help you increase your personal physical and emotional wellness.

We all know how important proper rest is to our bodies. Sometimes life gets hectic. These recent blog posts on tips to getting a better night’s sleep and tactical napping can help increase your physical well-being.

Check out the Boost Sleep Performance post by Kelly Bennion, PhD here!
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At One Summit, resilience is a cornerstone of our mission. Emotional well-being is an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of one’s feelings, and the ability to manage them effectively through challenges and change. Being human means having challenges and problems; however, it’s all about how a person copes with those issues that determine emotional wellness.

This blog post by Hunter Barnhill on resilience is an excellent read about emotional health. 2020 was a challenging year for the entire world, but Hunter discovered his cancer was back, testing his resilience like never before. His words ring true for us all, “…next time you find yourself in a precarious situation where everything seems to be falling apart, take up arms and fight to remind yourself of the reasons why you’re still here.”

Check out the Remaining Resilient post by Hunter Barnhill here!

O2X’s podcasts are also helpful for tips on improving personal wellness. The episodes include members from their network of U.S. Special Operations veterans, first responders, and athletes who are subject matter experts and leaders in their respective fields. Check out the podcasts and get an in-depth look at optimizing your health and overall well-being.

Check out the O2X podcast here!

Remember, lifestyle changes do not happen overnight. Take time to get acclimated; modifications that will last take time. Set small goals that you can control and stay positive.

Make mindful and healthy choices for you!