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Six Runners, Six Families, One Shared Mission

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On September 14th, six runners will be running on behalf of our mission in the Boston Marathon, marking the fourth year in a row One Summit has been selected as a partner of the John Hancock Non-Profit Marathon Program.

While these six individuals will be embracing any and all cheers received on Race Day, we feel they have a bit of a “head start” in this area. Why? Because they have the extra motivation of an inspiring community of like-minded warriors behind them, evidenced by the individual One Summit families they’ve been selected to represent. This is our opportunity to cheer them on. We’ll never stop.

Madison Cornell, One Summit Team Leader

I am so grateful and proud to be running the Boston Marathon for One Summit. My husband, a former Navy SEAL, ran the marathon for their team in 2019, and is helping me on my journey towards accomplishing this feat in 2020. Together, we have found dedicating our time and passion for working with the kids at One Summit to be extremely rewarding.

I am matched with the Buelow family. Their son, Jack, has been diagnosed with a brain stem glioma. Jack, his parents, and three siblings are undeniably resilient in this fight for life. They are always smiling, making life fun, and bringing a new attitude to rock climbing. I hope to bring this same type of attitude towards running 26.2 miles. I have been inspired by them every day in training. Ultimately, I hope to bring light to families like the Buelows. Life is challenging, but we can lean on each other and anything is possible.

- Madison

Anna Lowry, One Summit Supporter

I’ve worked in oncology clinical research for 5+ years and have seen firsthand how important it is for cancer patients to have a support network outside of their treatment team. I decided to run for One Summit because they provide pediatric cancer patients and their families with the opportunity to connect to others that have faced similar challenges, have fun and learn how to be brave. I am honored to be part of the team!
I am matched with the Vaccarello family who have two little girls that have participated in the Climb for Courage program. Their daughter, Adrianna, is now cancer free and I am so inspired by her (and her family’s) positivity and strength. Adrianna inspires me to never give up when life gets hard and to follow your dreams.

- Anna

Will P., One Summit Mentor

One Summit has made a huge impact on my family's life. Helping a child overcome a day of adversity [at Climb for Courage], when they are facing difficult challenges in their fight against cancer every day, has motivated me to challenge myself. Those little warriors have made me want to get better, to honor their effort and sacrifice.
I could not be more excited to run Boston for Jack and Ben Wilkinson. Jack has been an inspiration for his younger brother, Ben and I want them to know they have a warrior ready to sacrifice for them. I want them to always know they can do anything, no matter the challenge.

- Will

Dave Phillips, One Summit Supporter

I have always wanted to run the Boston Marathon. I trained for it many years ago and got injured and had to pull out. I am that guy who watches every year and walks away inspired and knows that I could/should do it! At the same time, from the moment I learned about One Summit, I have been inspired by what the organization does – helping pediatric cancer patients and their families by pairing them with Navy SEALs. I have the utmost respect for the SEALs and couldn’t think of a better group to pair with these families.
I live in the same town as the family I’ve been paired with, the Hoercher Family. As I have started fundraising and sharing their story, many people know Kayleigh! They tell stories of how sweet, friendly and genuine she is. Through all of her treatment and everything she and her family has been challenged by, the first description everyone has is how wonderful they are! This training has been tedious. But when I am on a long run and my mind goes to negative places, thinking about Kayleigh snaps me back to the right frame of mind!

- David

Pat P., Navy SEAL

I had a close friend of mine run the Boston Marathon with One Summit. He had an incredible experience and found it very fulfilling. Being from just outside of Boston, Marathon Monday was always a very big day growing up and I always wanted to run. When the opportunity presented itself for me to apply to run the Boston Marathon and do it for an amazing cause it was an easy choice to sign up and help fundraise for some tough little warriors!
I am representing Brodie and Carter Rawson. I am inspired by Brodie because of the toughness he showed while fighting his rare form of Lymphoma, and his maturity to never complain. His toughness and focus allowed his cancer to go into remission. I am also inspired by the support he received from his younger brother, Carter. I also have a younger brother who I am very close with, so I know the importance of the support a brother can offer! Brodie and Carter are also from Wilmington and I grew up in N. Reading, so I get to support and represent some of my neighbors!

- Pat

Noah W., One Summit Mentor

I decided to run the Boston Marathon for One Summit because it gave me the opportunity to both raise money for an unbelievable cause and run a historic race in my home city.
I’ve been matched up with the Pilcher family from New Hampshire. I was paired with both Jax and his sister Alexis at the last Boston Climb for Courage. The amount of energy and enthusiasm Jax had was incredible and I could barely keep up with him as he pretty much sprinted around for the entire event. His sister Alexis was very patient and caring and kept a watchful eye on her little brother the entire time. I will be using Jax's energy and Alexis's patience as inspiration throughout the entire race.
Running the race aside, I am dedicated to raising the $10,000 that I committed to One Summit to help keep this program going.

- Noah

Click here to support Team One Summit in the 2019 Boston Marathon.

Photo Credits: Amy Buelow Photography | Will Redding