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The Regan's Journey | Finding Purpose and New Perspective

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On Sept. 8, 2018, 15 Navy SEALs will be competing in the inaugural One Summit Challenge to increase awareness and raise funds in honor of the children and families impacted by pediatric cancer. To inspire our competitors, we will be sharing three family stories leading up to the Challenge. The first is below.

To support our team of Navy SEALs competing in the One Summit Challenge, click here. We are incredibly grateful for their time, hard work and determination!

When your child is diagnosed with cancer, your world is forever changed. Your outlook on life and how you approach every day is altered.”

– Angela Regan

This is exactly what happened to four-year-old Brogan Regan in November 2015, when he was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL-B). The news altered not only Brogan’s world, but the reality of his entire family, including his brothers Cahlan and Vaelen, his sister Aspen and his mother Angela. They were determined to fight the disease each and every day. Together.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Whether it was a treatment visit to Rady Children’s Hospital, a challenging week at school trying to stay on track, or a positive report from the doctor, they’ve supported each other through both the trying days and the good ones. Through this process, they’ve each learned what it means to grow through trauma and adversity. Although their world was altered forever, Brogan’s diagnosis also presented an opportunity. An opportunity to discover their collective strength and form a new reality filled with perspective, gratitude and meaning. As Brogan’s mother, Angela shared:

“There are things you worry about as a parent that you never worried about before and wish you never had to. But there are also things you appreciate and are grateful for that you might have once overlooked. You cherish each day, you go through ups and downs at a whole new level, and yet you become stronger and more aware of what's important. Brogan showed me how strong the human spirit is and how brave and resilient a child can be. My other children showed me how innocent and compassionate children are. I've learned the unexpected is truly unexpected and how fragile life is. My children have learned this too, and we've learned the ability to adjust and to cope and to come together. Cancer is horrific in every way imaginable. It's the people that go through it, live through it, love through it, and support each other through it that show you the beauty of life and the soul.”

In addition to their network of family, friends and medical professionals, the Regan’s added three unique members to their team at Climb for Courage, San Diego this past April: “Climb for Courage has brought a special bond between my children and their Navy SEALs. We've had a pretty unbelievable year, and just knowing that the SEALs are in their corner has made an impact on them. The children hold the event and the relationships they’ve developed close to their heart.”

One of these relationships has been the friendship between Brogan and his mentor, Stephen. While Stephen has been in Brogan’s corner - exchanging notes and the occasional visit since Climb for Courage, San Diego 2018 - Brogan has returned the favor, inspiring Stephen in his own endeavors. One of which was Stephen’s desire to run a fundraiser that would raise awareness and funds in support of little warriors just like Brogan and his siblings.

The inaugural One Summit Challenge will take place on Saturday, September 8th.